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Assorted Gourmet Jams – Set of 2 | We maintain that fresh, local fruits can still be enjoyed when... | Jams & Jellies

Assorted Gourmet Jams – Set of 2

Add some produce to your pantry shelves

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Infused Spreads

Infused Spreads




Baltimore, MD

We maintain that fresh, local fruits can still be enjoyed when they're not technically in season. And this duo of jams? Why, it just proves our point. The gourmet jams are handmade with the freshest of fruits, picked at their peak to yield yummy spreadables that are a welcome addition to any dinner party.

Choose 2:

Port & Plum Jam (8 oz.)
This jam smells nutty and almost licorice-like, making for an excellent dessert companion.

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam (8 oz.)
Pairs suspiciously well with both goat cheese and gourmet backyard barbecue-ing.

Strawberry Lavender Jam (8 oz.)
Made with summer strawberries, sugar and a dash or two of lemon juice and lavender. That's it.

Peach Butter (8 oz.)
Simply smooth, this handmade butter spreads easily, with nary a peach chunk in sight.

Orange Chipotle Marmalade (8 oz.)
Fresh orange marmalade is intensified with the addition of chipotle peppers. Makes for a killer stir fry.

Blueberry Ginger Jam (8 oz.)
Of course, it's excellent over toast, but this jam makes a fine addition to pancake batter, too.

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