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Cast Bronze Bracelet No. 31 | This hand-formed, cast bronze bracelet has a sort of ancient q... | Bracelets
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Cast Bronze Bracelet No. 31

You won't find another one like it

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only 1 left

Made by:

Krista Cuellar

Krista Cuellar


Wrist Embellisher


Minneapolis, MN

This hand-formed, cast bronze bracelet has a sort of ancient quality to it. (We're talking the good kind of ancient here –– think Egyptians.) It's the only bracelet precisely like this –– and it's not dainty, so be mindful around more delicate fabrics. As for the metal, it's raw silicon bronze, which will continue to change color and patina over time.

- Heavy, one-of-a-kind bracelet
- Smooth texture
- Two non-structural cracks
- Band is about 9 mm. thick
- Inner circumference 19.4 cm.

Note: Will arrive in a handmade wooden box.

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 7 days * , via USPS

Return Policy: Full refund issued for items returned within 30 days of receipt

* Although products are shipped within the time frame specified above, actual time of delivery can vary depending on the carrier and delivery method
$175 $200