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Chocolate & Bourbon Truffle Sampler | For those who think nothing can improve on a good Kentucky bou... | Candy & Chocolate
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Chocolate & Bourbon Truffle Sampler

A surefire way to improve truffles? Bourbon



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Art Eatables

Art Eatables


Bourbon Chocolatier


Louisville, KY

For those who think nothing can improve on a good Kentucky bourbon, we give you: bourbon truffles. That's right, bourbon and chocolate. Each of the four varieties in this truffle sampler (available in a 16 or 32 piece) is made with a different bourbon, and expertly-paired with a chocolate that highlights the bourbon's notes of vanilla, spice and oak. Includes 4 or 8 of each of the following truffles.

Original Bourbon Truffle
A creamy milk chocolate start, with vanilla and oak notes from a 4-year Kentucky bourbon swelling up before fading to chocolate.

Black Cherry Bourbon Truffle
Decadent dark chocolate with pronounced black cherry Kentucky bourbon.

Devilishly Good Bourbon Truffle
A surprisingly sweet blend of extra dark chocolate and Kentucky bourbon, with vanilla notes at the forefront.

Black Bourbon Truffle
Dense cocoa and woody overtones with an aged Kentucky bourbon –– complex and smooth.

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