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Chocolate Chip & BuddaScotch Oatmeal Cookies | Because why you should you have to pick? This bite-size cookie... | Cookies
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Chocolate Chip & BuddaScotch Oatmeal Cookies

Just like Grandma's


Made by:

G Mommas Cookies

G Mommas Cookies


Cookie Baker


Selma, AL

Because why you should you have to pick? This bite-size cookie gives you all — sweet chocolate chips, old-fashioned oats and that classic butterscotch. Do you hear the applause? That's because this cookie is a rockstar. It's not easy being chewy and crispy — that's talent!

Buddascotch Oatmeal Cookies (5.5 oz)
A sweet blend of real butterscotch, cinnamon and old-fashioned oats baked into bite-size cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (5.5 oz.)
Fresh pecans and chocolate chips are baked into these bite-sized cookies.

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