Classic Shaving Oil

Mositurize your skin pre-shave

made by Mercer and James

Classic Shaving Oil

Mositurize your skin pre-shave

$ 28

The details

This shaving oil is crafted from all natural ingredients, making it ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. The luxurious oil is gentle on your skin while protecting it from all that post-shave irritation. Simply massage in several drops pre-shave and enjoy a super smooth (and super close) shave.

- Contains 2 oz.
- Grapeseed, castor, olive, jojoba and essential oils
- Step 1: Massage several drops into the skin before shaving
- Step 2: Apply shaving soap or cream per directions, shave and rinse

How it's made: Michael and Elizabeth craft grooming essentials that are only made with old-fashioned methods and tried-and-true materials of impeccable quality. This is the stuff your grandpa's grandpa's rich uncle would use — you know, the cool one.


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Mercer and James



Classic Groomer


New York City, NY