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Aromatic & Aged Citrus Cocktail Bitters – Set of 2

From botanical to bottle

Aromatic & Aged Citrus Cocktail Bitters – Set of 2

From botanical to bottle


The details

This duo of finely crafted bitters includes a 5 oz. bottle of Aromatic Bitters and a 5 oz. bottle of Aged Citrus Bitters to suit all your cocktail-shaking needs.

Aromatic Bitters:
Striking a balance between old-fashioned and modern aromatic bitters, this concoction is highly complex and blended based on the individual characteristics of the maker's botanicals. They impart a bold and interesting flavor to any style of cocktail.

Mixing notes: These bitters pair exceptionally well with the vanilla and spice flavors in most craft American whiskies. The botanical arrangement in these bitters is meant to compliment and never clash with modern craft American gin.
Tasting notes: Pepper and subtle bitters initially, and a strong aromatic activity in the nose.
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Gentian, Herbs and Spices

Aged Citrus Bitters:
This concoction is unique because the aged component does not come from aging the bitters themselves, it comes from selecting citrus varieties at various stages of maturity from fresh to aged. This gives it a wider range of flavors, from the aromatic flavor of citrus peel to the savory flavor of aged tangerine peel.

Mixing notes: These bitters pair well with brandy, vermouth, and work exceptionally well in a martini.
Tasting notes: Savory and warm with complex citrus notes.
Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Aged Tangerine Peel, Gentian, Herbs and Spices

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