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Craft Cocktail Mixers - Set of 3 | This party 3-pack of cocktail mixers includes 8 oz. bottles of... | Barware
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Craft Cocktail Mixers - Set of 3

Exotic elixir

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Made by:

White Whale

White Whale


Cocktail crafters


Durham, NC

This party 3-pack of cocktail mixers includes 8 oz. bottles of Auntie's Old Fashioned, The Filthy Liar and Your Older Brother mixers, all with bold, unique and exotic ingredients.
Auntie's Old Fashioned bold mixer has flavors of youngberry and rosemary. This mixer pairs perfectly with some bourbon.

The Filthy Liar is a combination of lychee, organic lime and clove. Mix The Filthy Liar with gin for a twisted drink.

Your Older Brother features a combination of organic lemon, siberian fir and sweet orange. Add this mixer to some vodka for a sweet drink.

Mix 1 oz. of the mixer with 2 oz. of the recommended booze for the perfect blend of flavors. This 3-pack makes about 24 cocktails.

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$30 $45