Quart Cold Brew Coffee Kit, 4 Servings

How do you brew?

made by CoffeeSock

Quart Cold Brew Coffee Kit, 4 Servings

How do you brew?

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The details

Make a perfectly-chilled cup of joe with this cold brew coffee kit, complete with a Coffee Sock. Inspired by a Costa Rican cloth filter, the Sock is made from reusable, organic cotton and brews exceptionally smooth coffee. Coffee which may be brewed in concentrate and kept in a refrigerator for up to a week, if you so choose. And then, if you're feeling generous, share the wealth.

An attached strainer ring secures the cloth filter after it is filled, and is made with an organic cotton strap and recycled ring.

Cold Brew Kit Contains:
- 3 oz. whole bean Barrett's CoffeeSock Cuvee Lagniappe, our specialty roast.
- 1 wide mouth Cuppow drink lid, serves as a pour spout on the ColdBrew kit or a travel drink lid on any wide mouthed canning jar.
- A 32 oz. mason jar (stores up to 4 cups of brew)
- Coffee Sock

Easy to use, even easier to clean.


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