The Long One, 1-Gallon Home-Brewing Kit

Grown-up chemistry

made by Box Brew Kits

The Long One, 1-Gallon Home-Brewing Kit

Grown-up chemistry

$ 209

The details

Like a grown-up version of chemistry sets, home-brewing kits fulfill our nigh-insatiable desire for tinkering. Brew up a batch with this long and sleek 1-gallon home-brewing kit – and create about eight tasty 16 oz. beers. With the conveniently-included 8 reusable cobalt blue flip-top bottles, sharing the wealth will be a cinch.

Complete Home-Brewing Kit includes:

- One-gallon base, measuring 44" x 10" and handcrafted from your choice of rustic pine, reclaimed wood, oil-rubbed mahogany or American cherry
- Eight reusable, 16 oz. cobalt blue flip-top bottles filter
- A reusable, 1-gallon glass fermenter.
- Triple-scale hydrometer with glass test jar and stand for measuring alcohol content.
- Auto-siphon for easy beer transfer between vessels.
- Additional equipment: 2" stainless steel funnel, drilled rubber stopper, 3-piece plastic airlock, laboratory thermometer, miscellaneous glass jar, 3' length of 3/8" tubing for siphoning, 25+ recipe book, brewers' log, full set of instructions.

And, you're going to need some ingredients to get your first batch brewin'. Check out the 1-Gallon Ingredient Kits from the maker, specially formulated by the maker: Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Classic Amber Ale, Rye IPA or Citra IPA.

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