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Dandelion Embroidered Wall Art | Make, and then preserve, a wish with this dandelion embroidere... | Mixed Media Art
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Dandelion Embroidered Wall Art

Consider that wish granted

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Made by:

The Monster’s Lounge

The Monster’s Lounge


Whimsical Stitcher


Seattle, WA

Make, and then preserve, a wish with this dandelion embroidered wall art. It features a series of three embroidered hoops, forming the hand-stitched roots, flower and seeds of a dandelion in motion. The roots are stitched onto lambswool-colored linen, the flower and leaves onto meadow green linen. And the seeds? They're drifting away on teal blue felt.

- Two frames measure 4" in diameter, one measures 3".
- Hoops are made from wood, with a metal tightener.
- Backed with cotton batting.
- Do not remove from hoop.

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$40 $50