Deli Mustard Set

Slather onto sandwiches galore

made by Green Mountain Mustard

Deli Mustard Set

Slather onto sandwiches galore

$ 28

The details

When it comes to choosing mustards, there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like: Are you sharing? Will there be pretzels? But with this full-size variety pack of 4 jars of deli-worthy mustards, the only thing you'll be considering? Which one to open first.

Clove Encounter Garlic & Oregano Mustard (9 oz.)
The Silver Medalist at the 2013 Worldwide Mustard Competition, this jar packs a 10-clove punch. Also, it's vegan.

Deli Dirt Everything Bagel Mustard (9 oz.)
All the toppings from an everything bagel, plus made-from-scratch mustard equals the best sandwich slatherer we've had. Also, it's vegan.

Golden Grain Maple Wholegrain Mustard (9 oz.)
Brown and yellow mustard seeds compliment this strong mustard, with a hefty helping of maple syrup and red pepper flakes.

Horse Power Horseradish Mustard (9 oz.)
This stuff takes game-time pretzel dipping to the next level.


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