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Detoxifying Cleanser & Scrub Set | Introducing your very own personal beauty consultant. (Hint: i... | Bath & Body Gift Sets

Detoxifying Cleanser & Scrub Set

Start with a clean face

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Made by:

Aucocisco Naturals

Aucocisco Naturals


Beauty Botanist


Harpswell, Maine

Introducing your very own personal beauty consultant. (Hint: it's Mother Nature.) This set includes everything you need to scrub, cleanse and overall wrangle that darling face of yours. More specifically, it includes one bottle of Cedarwood Orange Facial Cleanser and a heaping helping of Maine Sea Salt Scrub.

Cedarwood Orange Facial Cleanser (12 oz.)
This gentle, lightly foaming cleanser is 95% organic and contains coconut milk for conditioning and cedarwood for toning. Made with saponified coconut and sunflower oils, coconut milk powder, vegetable glycerin, blood orange and cedarwood essential oils.

Maine Sea Salt Scrub (8 oz.) Made with minimally-processed salt from the deep blue waters off the coast of Maine, this scrub is chock-full of minerals––which effectively blast toxins and impurities from the skin. Rice bran oil smooths and moisturizes, while lemongrass essential oils give the scrub a bright scent.

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$28 $34