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Domela T-Shirt - Asphalt | Men's poly-cotton blend t-shirt in asphalt featuring "Domela" ... | T-Shirts

Domela T-Shirt - Asphalt

Seaweed - the most unappreciated plants in the seagarden

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Men's Size

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Made by:

James Anthony

James Anthony


silkscreening buff



Men's poly-cotton blend t-shirt in asphalt featuring "Domela" print in gold. Image comes from a scientific publication dated 1893, featuring collected samples of marine plant life. This plate features a common seaweed known as Rhodomela, native to the northern hemisphere and usually found in shallow, cold waters. This sample was collected from the southeastern shores of Britain in 1892.
All inks cured in studio to avoid fading or running.

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$32 $36