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Exfoliating Soap Bar Set – Pack of 2 | Even the saltiest of sea captains can use a good sudsing now a... | Bar Soap
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Exfoliating Soap Bar Set – Pack of 2

Gets you through those rough patches

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Made by:

Squeaky Sailor Soap

Squeaky Sailor Soap


Salty Soapmaker


Minneapolis, MN

Even the saltiest of sea captains can use a good sudsing now and again. And this duo of natural exfoliating soaps is sure to do the trick. They're cold-pressed the old fashioned way and cured for a minimum of four weeks for maximum sudsing. This set includes one bar each of the Keelhaul and Arctic Explorer soap bars.

Keelhaul Soap Bar (4.8 oz.)
Scrub away your worries (and some dirt along the way) with this blended soap bar. It's made with orange essential oils, eucalyptus and clary sage, along with poppy seeds and cornmeal for added scrubbing action. Ingredients: Orange, eucalyptus and clary sage, poppy seeds, cornmeal., and peppermint.

Arctic Explorer Soap Bar (4.8 oz.)
Delivers a poppy-studded, shivery blast of peppermint and tea tree oil to perfect even the most curmudgeonly of skin. Ingredients: Vegetable shortening, water, olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), mentha piperita (peppermint) and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oils, poppy seeds.

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