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Extra Extra Large Knit Pouf Footrest | Kicking back and actually relaxing is a cinch with this knit p... | Ottomans
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Extra Extra Large Knit Pouf Footrest

Put your feet up for awhile

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only 2 left

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Made by:

Mary Marie Knits

Mary Marie Knits


Ottoman Empire Builder


Richmond, CA

Kicking back and actually relaxing is a cinch with this knit pouf footrest. It's hand-knit (with giant needles) in soft cotton rope and is ready to serve as a place to prop up those feet after a long day. And in a pinch, it makes for an excellent extra seat too.

- Measures 20" in diameter and 15" tall.

- Available in natural/cream or grey.

- Stuffed with rolled foam for sturdiness.

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$250 $296