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Farmery Living Wall Planter | The Farmery living wall planter is the easiest way to create a... | Pots & Planters
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Farmery Living Wall Planter

Vertical planting made easier

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The Farmery

The Farmery


urban farmer


Raleigh, NC

The Farmery living wall planter is the easiest way to create a living wall in your home, office or business. It's sturdy enough for the outdoors and looks gorgeous indoors. The built-in reservoir eliminates the need for complicated water catchment basins. The growing substrate is a peat moss sponge and felt covering never breaks down so there is never any mess from loose soil. It's more than a hanging planter, its a living wall! Create large living walls with ease! Each Farmery living wall planter is modular and can be combined to drain into each other to build large, lush living walls that can be watered easily. Its small, transportable and installs quickly for temporary installations. Created with an ideal growing substrate that can support a large variety of plants. The peat moss sponge is an ideal growing substrate that is difficult to over water because it does not compact like soil. Plant flowers, tropicals, herbs, vegetables, vines and more! Weight: 7 lbs Dimensions: 20" high x 10" wide x 3" deep

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Sold Out
$80 $90