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Flowery Lollipop 4-Pack | These vegan, naturally gluten-free gourmet lollipops feature f... | Candy & Chocolate

Flowery Lollipop 4-Pack

Fragrant & flowery treats on a stick

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Made by:

This Charming Candy

This Charming Candy


Gourmet Candymaker


Maple Leaf, Seattle

These vegan, naturally gluten-free gourmet lollipops feature flavor combos from your very own windowsill flower box. (Not literally, of course.)

-This 4-pack includes one of each: Blackberry Hibiscus, Honey Jasmine, Champagne Rose and Quince Honeysuckle
-Each lollipop is 0.4 oz of hard candy awesomeness wrapped in a clear cello bag. Contains soy.
-Made with sugar, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, natural and artificial colors. Look, ma: no artificial sweeteners!
-Several flavors contain natural citric acid, malic acid and sodium citrate to enhance fruitiness

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