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Ginger Cocktail Mix - Set of 4 | This rich, full bodied ginger cocktail mixer uses the finest g... | Cocktail Mixes
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Ginger Cocktail Mix - Set of 4

Yo ho ho (and a bottle of rum)

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Made by:

Powell & Mahoney

Powell & Mahoney


Cocktail Enhancers


Williston, VT

This rich, full bodied ginger cocktail mixer uses the finest ginger, delicate elderflower, soothing milk thistle and fennel to create the perfect partner for your favorite dark spirit. It also makes an elegant non-alcoholic sipper. Each 750 mL bottle is made with filtered water, pure cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, natural ginger flavor, ginger extract, fennel extract, elderflower extract, milk thistle extract and caramel color. Just add booze!

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