Homebrew Beer Equipment and Ingredient Kit

Master brewers, start here

made by The Grain and Grape Brew Shop

Homebrew Beer Equipment and Ingredient Kit

Master brewers, start here

$ 70

The details

This is a complete kit for homebrewing. Included inside is all of the equipment (minus your own kitchen stock pot) needed to brew a one gallon batch of beer from start to finish. The one gallon format is perfect for beginners and even better for the expert who wants to experiment with special recipes. Also great for the homebrewer with limited space, use this kit again and again with your favorite recipes or more of the makers. The Equipment Kit Includes the following:

- 1 gallon glass carboy
- Carboy cap
- #6.5 rubber stopper
- 3-piece airlock
- Racking cane
- Racking cane clip
- Racking cane filter cap
- Floating 9" thermometer
- Siphon tubing
- Siphon tubing shut-off clamp

Each Ingredient Kit includes everything you will need to make your beer including:

- Complete step-by-step and easy to follow Instructions
- Specially formulated mixture of milled grains
- Hops
- Yeast
- Grain steeping bag
- Hop Steeping bag(s)
- Additional ingredients such as orange peel, coriander, candy sugar etc... when called for by the recipe
- 4 oz. No-Rinse Sanitizer


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