Hot Sauce Assortment

A quartet of small-batch hot sauces

made by Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Assortment

A quartet of small-batch hot sauces

$ 37

The details

This assortment of small-batch hot sauces practically begs for a flight-style tasting. Each of the four fine sauces is fermented, made with all organic ingredients, and features bunches (literally) of heirloom chilis. We're having a hard time thinking of things you wouldn't want to add this stuff to.

Original Hot Sauce (6 oz.)
With a medium level of spiciness, this sauce is less sweet, more earthy -– with a slow-building, robust heat.

Poblano Sauce (6 oz.)
A mildly warm sauce with lots of smokey, green chile flavor, and just a touch of heat.

Hinkelhatz Sauce (6 oz.)
This sweet-hot blend boasts Hungarian Hot Wax, Hinkelhatz and Hot Winter peppers. It's a perfectly balanced sauce, think Sriracha, but more complex.

Sante Fe Grande Sauce (6 oz.)
The Santa Fe Grande pepper is the base of this hot sauce, but it's paired with Bulgarian Carrot and a dash of Golden Cayenne for substantial, flavor-filled heat.


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