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Indian Spice Blend Assortment

East meets your kitchen

Indian Spice Blend Assortment

East meets your kitchen


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Each of these one-time use spice blends will have your dinner guests exclaiming things like, "Where did you learn to cook like this?" and "When did you visit India?" Of course, you are under no obligations to divulge any of your secrets. And by secrets, we mean these four single-use tins of Indian spice blends. Each one contains enough authentic flavor to prep a dish for 5 to 8 guests.

Indian Chicken Curry Spice Blend
Tamatur Murghi or, quite literally, "tomato chicken" is a fragrant, tasty and not-too-hot dish that draws influence from imperial cooking and country village cooking. Simply add chicken, tomatoes, olive oil and a few choice ingredients and you'll be all set.

Indian Tangy Curry Spice Blend
Take this tin of ground and whole spices, and add a few choice ingredients like chicken, potatoes and peppers (for kick!) and in a little while you'll be sitting down to a steaming plate of Vindaloo.

Indian Coconut Curry Spice Blend
Kaari Chawal is a coconut based curry served over rice. With the addition of a few choice ingredients, this turns into a dish that's tasty, and not too spicy.

Indian Vegetable Stir Fry Spice Blend
Aloo subji or, quite literally "potatoes and vegetables" is fashioned from this spice blend and then the addition of vegetables and, well, potatoes. The resulting dish is tasty, with a medium level of heat.

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