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Lemon Sour Cocktail Mix - Set of 4 | In 1872, an Englishman, Elliot Stubb disembarked in Peru with ... | Cocktail Mixes
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Lemon Sour Cocktail Mix - Set of 4

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Powell & Mahoney

Powell & Mahoney


Cocktail Enhancers


Williston, VT

In 1872, an Englishman, Elliot Stubb disembarked in Peru with the aim of opening a bar. In his bar, Stubb’s signature cocktail was a “sour,” which was made with whiskey, a citrus mix and sugar. The new drink spread to social clubs and eventually became lemon based in the USA for such drinks as the Whiskey Sour.

This Lemon Sour cocktail mixer is quite versatile and contains only the finest natural ingredients, blended for a wide range of tart and tangy cocktails. Each 750 mL bottle is made with filtered water, pure cane sugar, organic agave syrup, lime juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, vitamin C, orange bitters and lemon oil. Just add booze!

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