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Mixed Pasta Cards - Set of 8 | Revel in an overabundance of pastas with this set of note card... | Greeting Cards
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Mixed Pasta Cards - Set of 8

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Made by:

Rigel Stuhmiller

Rigel Stuhmiller


Farm Artist


Berkeley, CA

Revel in an overabundance of pastas with this set of note cards – it contains 2 each of 4 designs: Penne, Radiatore, Cellentani, and Farfalle. These original designs are expertly letterpress-printed on lightly-textured, warm white paper, with just enough depth in the name to make it sparkle.

The handmade cards are locally letterpressed in Berkeley, CA. And this set contains 8 cards, each measuring 4" x 5.5", plus 8 100% recycled envelopes to match.

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 14 days * , via USPS

Return Policy: 7 days in perfect condition

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Sold Out
$20 $24