Mustard Variety Pack

Eight jars packed full o' the best stuff

made by Green Mountain Mustard

Mustard Variety Pack

Eight jars packed full o' the best stuff

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The details

When it comes to choosing mustards, there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like: Are you sharing? Will there be pretzels? But with this full-size variety pack of 8 jars of mustard, the only thing you'll be considering? Which one to open first.

Atomic Rooster Sriracha Mustard (9 oz.)
Using made-from-scratch sriracha sauce, this mustard is bursting with red fresno chiles and fresh-peeled garlic. Also, it's vegan.

Barn Burner Red Habanero Mustard (9 oz.)
This is a hot one — pure-ground red savina peppers make this a killer addition to mac and cheese.

Base Camp Sweet Hot Mustard (9 oz.)
With flecks of red pepper and a whisper of maple syrup, this rich and creamy mustard is a winner.

Clove Encounter Garlic & Oregano Mustard (9 oz.)
The Silver Medalist at the 2013 Worldwide Mustard Competition, this jar packs a 10-clove punch. Also, it's vegan.

Deli Dirt Everything Bagel Mustard (9 oz.)
All the toppings from an everything bagel, plus made-from-scratch mustard equals the best sandwich slatherer we've had. Also, it's vegan.

Golden Grain Maple Wholegrain Mustard (9 oz.)
Brown and yellow mustard seeds compliment this strong mustard, with a hefty helping of maple syrup and red pepper flakes.

Horse Power Horseradish Mustard (9 oz.)
This stuff takes game-time pretzel dipping to the next level.

Sweet Sombrero Jalapeno Mustard (9 oz.)
Clean and crisp, fresh jalapneos combine forces with Vermont maple syrup in this sweet, not too spicy, mustard.


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$50 $56