Unisex Natural Oil Sampler Set

Infused with wild harvested botanicals

made by Barnaby Black

Unisex Natural Oil Sampler Set

Infused with wild harvested botanicals

$ 35

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Foraged from the depths of the wild, each of these natural oils is infused with bits of forest, trees or herbs. The unisex moisturizing body oils are made with infusions, tinctures and distillations of live plants found outdoors, to create aromas that tell the stories of the places they come from. This set includes a small vial of each below, to determine your favorite, or bring with you traveling.


-Desert Resin - Utah juniper, dry cedar, greasewood, California sagebrush, ancient creosote, desert tar
-Piñon Pine - high desert sun, fresh cut timber, brown sugar, sweet pine resin
-Pine Barrens - morning forest air, pine resin, sun baked pine needle, honeyed wild flower, cinnamon bramble, charred oak
-The Mystic - sacred sage, great basin sagebrush, campfire -Chippewa - New England pine grove, dry cinnamon, illicium, dark spice

- Five 1/8 oz. vials
- Wild-foraged ingredients

Ingredients:organic apricot kernel, golden jojoba & argan oils, live plant infusions (leaf, needle, twig, bark, root, flower), tree pitch/resin, moss, lichen & mushroom infusions, steam distilled essential oils


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Barnaby Black



Wilderness Distiller


Sayville, NY