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Organic Black Garlic Spice Trio | Sure we've all got a bottle or three of garlic salt up on our ... | Garlic
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Organic Black Garlic Spice Trio

Yep, that'd be aged and fermented raw garlic

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Obis One

Obis One


Garlic Enthusiasts


Pennsville, NJ

Sure we've all got a bottle or three of garlic salt up on our shelves, but this? This stuff's different. Each of the three spice blends is made with organic black garlic. Black garlic is, simply enough, aged and fermented raw garlic. It's sweet and savory in flavor, and yes, it's black too. But most of all, it makes for a mighty fine secret ingredient. This set includes one tin of each of the following.

Black Garlic Chili Powder (2 oz.)
Premium (and organic!) black garlic is blended with Aji Amarillo and Aleppo chili pepper, coriander and cumin. Add 1 tsp. per quart of chili.

Black Garlic Sea Salt (4 oz.)
Just like it sounds –– organic black garlic blended with sea salt. You'll be using this one a lot.

Black Garlic Scape Seasoning (2.7 oz.)
This features the coveted scape (tender stalk and bulbil that comes up during the spring.)

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