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Organic Decaf Roasted Coffee Beans – Set of 2 | Shouldn't you feel good about sipping (or gulping, if it's a M... | Coffee

Organic Decaf Roasted Coffee Beans – Set of 2

Feeds and educates a child for two weeks

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Coexist Campaign

Coexist Campaign


Big Picture Brewers


Georgetown, DC

Shouldn't you feel good about sipping (or gulping, if it's a Monday) good-tasting coffee? We say yes. And the Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative agrees. There, in the lush slopes of Mt. Elgon in Uganda, farmers hand-pick, sun dry and naturally process small batches of coffee beans. Beans which are then roasted to perfection by Thanksgiving Coffee.

But, as if the delicate flavors and interesting notes weren't enough, each bag provides everything a child needs for a week of school––supplies, teachers, uniforms and two meals a day. It sort of calls for a second cup, doesn't it?

- Rich, deeply-dimensioned
- Sweet and well-rounded
- Decaffeinated
- Each bag contains 12 oz.

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