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Pallet Wood Fold-Out Desk | It's a tricky situation, when you need a desk but don't quite ... | Desks
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Pallet Wood Fold-Out Desk

Reclaimed wood, turned awesome desk

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Made by:

Workman's Palette

Workman's Palette


Pallet Preserver


Nashville, TN

It's a tricky situation, when you need a desk but don't quite have the space for one. Luckily, this reclaimed wood beauty is here to save the day. The fold out desk is sturdily constructed from reclaimed wood pallets, and outfitted with wall anchors to keep it all in place. When it's folded up, a chalkboard-painted portion is displayed for jotting down notes and important reminders. Each desk will vary slightly, as every one of them is constructed by hand.

- Reclaimed wood pallets
- Chalkboard paint on the outside
- Three shelves above the desk
- Holds up to 200 pounds
- Folds out to 18.5"
- Measures 40" x 36" x 4"

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Sold Out
$320 $350