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Raw Honey Assortment

All the goodness of raw honey, jarred

Raw Honey Assortment

All the goodness of raw honey, jarred


The details

Sweet, creamy and spreadable, these flavored raw honey spreads are just the thing to pair with Greek yogurt, desserts and smoothies. Or by the spoonful. That works too. Choose 3 of the following flavors:

Raw Honey with Hazelnuts (8.82 oz.)
Rich in manganese and a full, chocolate-like flavor. This honey is meant for using in cakes, cookies and desserts.

Raw Honey with Peanuts (8.82 oz.)
Finely-ground peanuts are combined with raw honey in this delicious and healthy spread, without any additives, of course.

Raw Honey with Grape Syrup (8.82 oz.)
Pure grape syrup adds an even sweeter flavor to this spread. Plus, you know, it's high in Vitamins C and K.

Raw Honey with Carob (8.82 oz.)
Dubbed the 'Mediterranean chocolate' and a superfood in its own right, carob boasts a dark chocolate flavor that's a welcome addition to this smooth and buttery texture.

Raw Honey with Almonds (8.82 oz.)
Finely-ground, raw almonds are combined with raw honey in this deliciously healthy spread. Smooth and creamy, with no additives.

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