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Reading Glasses Embroidered Wall Art | Pay homage to the eyewear of yore with this nifty set of embro... | Arts & Entertainment
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Reading Glasses Embroidered Wall Art

Can't lose these

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Made by:

The Monster’s Lounge

The Monster’s Lounge


Whimsical Stitcher


Seattle, WA

Pay homage to the eyewear of yore with this nifty set of embroidered glasses. The embroidered wall art features a dashing pair of vintage spectacles, hand-stitched over floral print cotton. A chain dangles from each side, so you'll never lose 'em.

- Hoop measures 3" x 5".
- Made from wood, with a metal tightener.
- Includes chain, which may vary in appearance.
- Do not remove from hoop.

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 4 days * , via USPS

Return Policy: Full refund issued for items returned within 30 days of receipt

* Although products are shipped within the time frame specified above, actual time of delivery can vary depending on the carrier and delivery method
Sold Out
$25 $30

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