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Saturn Planet Earrings | Hand constructed planet earrings: These were inspired by the j... | Earrings
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Saturn Planet Earrings

The sun will revolve around these beauts (instead of vice versa)

$50 $56

Made by:

SteFanie Sheehan Designs

SteFanie Sheehan Designs


mini sculptor


Long Island, NY

Hand constructed planet earrings: These were inspired by the jewelry maker's awe of space and the universe. Made out of sterling and fine silver. The "planet" has been texturized while the planet's "ring" remains smooth and shiny. The maker oxidized the earrings black and then sanded some of the color away to give a great contrasting look.
Size: Each earrings is approx 14 mm by 9 mm.
Materials: Sterling Silver, Fine Silver

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 14 days * , via USPS

Return Policy: No Returns

* Although products are shipped within the time frame specified above, actual time of delivery can vary depending on the carrier and delivery method
$50 $56

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