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Southern Dippin' Ketchup - 2 Pack | A gourmet, all-natural ketchup or catsup (depending on your ho... | Ketchup
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Southern Dippin' Ketchup - 2 Pack

For more fun: add whiskey!

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Made by:

Elbow Foods

Elbow Foods


Recipe preservationists


Meridian, MS

A gourmet, all-natural ketchup or catsup (depending on your home town) is a twist on a classic, in two 9 oz. jars. In developing the flavor of their Southern Dippin’ Ketchup, the makers knew some of the flavors they wanted--and experimented with others. To represent the South, they had to add some Kentucky bourbon. They love to use honey as a natural sweetener, so tossed in a dollop of that. The citrus from the lime zest and juice is a great compliment to the sweetness. And to kick it up a bit, they added spices like red pepper and cayenne. Rather than pouring out of a bottle, they've found that dipping and scooping it out is best. The spicy gourmet flavor makes it desirable to use it even on foods you normally wouldn’t dare use other ketchups. Dip right in.

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