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The Barber's Grooming Assortment | Lookin' this good? It ain't an easy task, son. Which is why th... | Shaving & Grooming
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The Barber's Grooming Assortment

Bringing dapper back

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Gifts by Shoppe


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Westside, ATL

Lookin' this good? It ain't an easy task, son. Which is why the Barber's Collection’s got your man-grooming needs covered, including:

Scotch Ale Face and Shave Soap by Damn Handsome Grooming Co.
Crafted from a smooth Scotch Ale beer, argan oil and honey for a refined creamy lather, this shave soap bursts with rich, sophisticated notes of tobacco and mandarin. Just add a shave mug and brush and, voila! You're groomed and good to go.

Aged Bourbon Kentucky Single Barrel Cologne by Madame Scodioli
What's that smell? That intoxicating, earthy smell? Why, that would be the precise blend of beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil, fragrance and essential oils. Delicate floral notes on top of richly-aged wood and warm vanilla, earthy spice and the slightest hint of cherry and caramel make you the best smellin' man in the room.

Sapera Alcohol-Free Aftershave by Cirmes
A stunner of a fragrance, over a dozen notes are packed into this naturally moisturizing 4 oz. jar of aftershave. Sweet frankincense and myrrh dominate the top notes and play well with smoky patchouli and peppery sandalwood middles while cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and the slightest hint of blood orange take over the bottom notes. No burn here, folks.

All Natural Solid Lotion Bar by Reveille Reveille
This hefty solid lotion bar is a rich combination of natural cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax––in a bar form for added convenience. The 2.5 oz. lotion bar contains no added fragrance or chemicals and absorbs quickly.

The Barber Collection will arrive at your door packaged in a 10" x 12" natural linen bag with a jute drawstring. It has been hand-stamped with the Shoppe logo, and is ready to slide under ye olde tree.

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$28 $50