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The Brewer's Beer Goods Assortment | When you love craft beer, and we mean truly love the stuff, yo... | Food Gift Baskets

The Brewer's Beer Goods Assortment

Only thing better than beer? More beer

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When you love craft beer, and we mean truly love the stuff, you start seeing it everywhere. Wafting from candles. Sprinkled in caramels. A hint here and there in your bread and jelly. Go ahead and own the obsession––the Brewer's Collection brings you crafty brews in the most curious of places, including:

Craft Beer and Pretzel Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co.
These freshly-brewed chews combine a few of our favorite things: nostalgic sweet treats, pretzels and beer. A quarter pound of these buttery soft caramels are packed with a healthy dose of Ghost River Brewing's Copphead Red Ale and finished off with sturdy chunks of hand-crushed salty pretzels. Each box contains 11-14 pieces.

IPA Beer Jelly by Potlicker
The cure-all for even the most severe cases of morning grumpiness, this 8 oz. jar of IPA Beer Jelly uses bright and hoppy IPA for a bold and sweet complement to a cheese platter. And it's equally delicious by the spoonful––trust us on this one.

Original White Bread Mix by SoberDough
Like most things in life, a little tipple o' beer will make this bread mix all the more enjoyable. Made with 100% all natural ingredients, this comfort bread has a slight sweetness and a moist, dense texture––just add the brew of your choice. Each bag of mix magically provides a loaf of original white bread.

Pale Ale Candle by Brown Bag Soap Co.
Sometimes it's not socially appropriate to break out the pale ale. And to those times we say, you've met your match. Light this baby up for some soothing, hoppy scents. Each hand-poured, soy-based candle comes in a reusable amber recycled glass container, and everything is packaged up nicely in a brown kraft tube.

The Brewer Collection will arrive at your door packaged in a 12" x 14" natural linen bag with a jute drawstring. It has been hand-stamped with the Shoppe logo, and is ready to slide under ye olde tree.

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$44 $49