The Ketchup Trifecta – Spicy, Savory & Curry

A 19th century family recipe––plus curry

made by Molonay Tubilderborst

The Ketchup Trifecta – Spicy, Savory & Curry

A 19th century family recipe––plus curry

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Sadly, ketchup has become sort of an afterthought of a condiment, something we squeeze onto our burgers absentmindedly. But these, the real-deal gourmet ketchups, are about to shake things up. After all, they're based on a family recipe from the 1800s and made with organic tomato paste, cider vinegar, turbinado sugar and a whole bevy of spices. And while there aren't 57 varieties quite yet, here's to hopin'.

Savory Classic Ketchup (12 oz.)
This is the original. It's bursting with California organic tomatoes, and it's about half as sweet as the regular stuff you'll find on shelves today. A (secret!) blend of 18 spices adds a surprising complexity and depth that, yes, even the kids will love.

Spicy Ketchup (12 oz.)
All the goodness of the Savory Classic, but with the spunky addition of South African Bird's Eye Chilis. Its smoky undertone and slow-burning heat make this ketchup a great addition to seafood, particularly shrimp.

Curry Ketchup (12 oz.)
With a classic base, this ketchup incorporates hand-blended, mild Madras Curry spices to lend a warm, yet not overpowering or overly spicy, flavor. This is the most versatile of the three. Sweet potato fries? Roast chicken? Grilled veggies? Drizzle it over 'em all.


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