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Toscana Chop Rub & ZoZo's Rib Rub 2-pack | Each product is hand-mixed from quality ingredients including ... | Herbs & Spices
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Toscana Chop Rub & ZoZo's Rib Rub 2-pack

Teague & Blacket rubs pay homage to Celtic and British inspired cuisine

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Made by:

Q' Bella

Q' Bella


culinary alchemist


Alpharetta, GA

Each product is hand-mixed from quality ingredients including herbs, spices, sea salt and cracked pepper. Ingredients are carefully blended by hand and each batch is taste tested to create the perfect balance of flavors.
Teague & Blacket Toscana Chop Rub - A flavorful blend of roasted garlic, rosemary, basil, oregano, sweet pepper, cracked pepper, and sea salt. Toscana is the perfect complement to chops or steak.
Teague & Blacket ZoZo’s Rib Rub - A sweet and zesty Cajun blend with just a touch of heat that's the perfect seasoning for ribs or pork. Rub generously on meat and refrigerate for several hours to let the flavor infuse

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$13 $15

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