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Unfinished Poem – White Abstract Painting | Unfinished Poem is a very large abstract white modern painting... | Paintings
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Unfinished Poem – White Abstract Painting

Eggs for your nest

only 1 left

Made by:

Anca Gray

Anca Gray


artist in the abstract


Bridgeport, Chicago

Unfinished Poem is a very large abstract white modern painting which the maker created using egg shells and acrylic paint on multiple canvas panels. As one of the most iconic naturally occurring objects, the egg holds high intrigue – broken shells speak of life and death, fragility and strength. Each piece of shell is painted with several layers of acrylic for reinforcement and a smooth finish. Naturally, this process requires the slow savoring of countless pots of tea, which spill into the painting, adding the only color.

- The large abstract painting measures 8" x 4" (a polyptych made up of 5 separate canvas panels). It is initialed on the front. signed, titled and dated on the reverse.

- Media Used: acrylic, egg shells, tea, coffee and tissue paper, all on canvas.

- Palette: white, cream, amber.

Please note: regardless of your location, the maker has promised to hand-deliver the piece. However, due to the unique nature of this delivery, it might not be immediately available.

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