Vermont Maple Syrup Quart

A maple staple

made by Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Vermont Maple Syrup Quart

A maple staple

$ 30

The details

Your pancakes ain't seen nothin' yet. Not until they've been doused with a healthy splash of this wood-fired Vermont maple syrup, that is. Each quart-sized jar contains real maple syrup, condensed into its most sweet and sticky form before being bottled up and sent to you. Oh, and you won't find any ingredients labels here, these guys don't need 'em.

Choose from the following:

Amber & Rich (1 qt.)
An even-keeled syrup with a golden color and a buttery texture. We cheer when it comes in! Carrying a lighter maple flavor, it versatile, charismatic, and Bobo’s go-to choice for switchel, stews, and dressings. It is delicious on waffles, vanilla ice cream, and over sauteed greens. Shimmery and sunny, it won’t disappoint.

Dark & Robust (1 qt.)
Big, bold, and sporting a dark red color, Dark Robust has a strong maple flavor and a thick, rich texture. Coveted by chefs and maple enthusiasts, this is a dark, rich syrup which is both breakfast worthy and holds its own in any baking or cooking situation. We drink it in coffee, glug it into our barbecue sauce, and pour it lavishly over strawberry pancakes. Not to be missed.


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