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Vintage Camera Cards - Pack of 6  | These lovely blank cards feature an illustration of an old sch... | Greeting Cards
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Vintage Camera Cards - Pack of 6

It just clicks

only 10 left

Made by:

Little Alexander

Little Alexander


Paper Pushers


Lewis, IA

These lovely blank cards feature an illustration of an old school Pentax SLR film camera. Each of the six 4 1/4” x 5 1/2” cards come with a matching 100% recycled buff colored envelope.

The original camera illustration was hand-drawn and watercolored. The cards were then digitally printed on thick letterpress paper made of 100% reclaimed cotton linters, a scrap of the textile industry.

This camera sits around the makers' house empty of film, but they still find themselves picking it up, framing shots and clicking. It was Kate's dad's originally, and travelled around the world with him before he settled down.

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