Ginger Syrup & Infused Honey Set

Add to cocktails 'n marinades

made by Verdant Kitchen

Ginger Syrup & Infused Honey Set

Add to cocktails 'n marinades

$ 32

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Think of these masterfully-made ginger concoctions as your culinary sidekicks. The set of ginger syrup and ginger honey are both made with homegrown USDA organic ginger (with a kick), and come packaged in sturdy glass jars, ready to hit your pantry shelves. Add them your marinades. And your cocktails. After a couple of weeks, it'll be hard to imagine life without these little beauties by your side.

Ginger Syrup (8.5 oz.)
Pure cane sugar, fresh lemons and USDA organic ginger make for a sweet and hot syrup that's just as at home in handmade ginger ale as it is in an inventive cocktail.

Ginger Infused Honey (7 oz.)
Wildflower honey, slowly infused with USDA organic ginger, all packed into a heavy glass jar with a cage flip top, and sealed with beeswax. Generously pour into tea or, if you're feeling especially crafty, make a glaze for salmon.


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