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BeaterVille Cafe

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Walk into BeaterVille, grab a cup of joe, and enjoy breakfast all day.
The first thing you do when you walk into Beaterville Cafe and Bar is grab your coffee cup from the wall to your left, fill it with caffeinated libations and a dallop of cream, then let the lovely Marianne seat and serve you breakfast all day. Yes, that’s right. Gluten free if you’ll have it, vegetarian if you want it, dripping in bacon grease if you like it, and tasty as all heck every day of the week. With the Matador Omelette on your plate and egg in your face (covered with avocado galore, pepper jack cheese, homemade salsa, sour cream, onions, and accompanied by a slew of home fries and buttered toast), you'll want breakfast for every meal.

Now that you’re through thanking Portland for the breakfast scene, look around this place and listen to the bluegrass. That very strum you’re hearing could come from the picks of music legends who like to jump on stage, instruments and all, simply because they like it here. Yes, this place is one of those hush-hush holes in the wall where famous people play when they think no one’s listening. The secret is that the breakfasts are so good that no one can tear themselves away from their plates long enough to snap an Instagram (or a Scout ‘Stache!).

While you’re eating, you can admire your reflection in one of the hundred or so hubcaps sparkling from the walls, or lay an elbow on a the grill of a jalopy while spreading raspberry jam on your sourdough toast. Bill Beater (not his real name) started the “concourse du junk” so many years ago, where car collectors without discerning taste traded gawks at “collectors pieces” and spurned the Art Car culture we so admire today. Remember that OctoCar at Burning Man last year? You might catch one of the architects for that baby sipping on a coffee mug while making his way through town. You will catch a look at a lot of old cars who’ve died in breakfast heaven, forever basking in the warm glow of hot toast and bluegrass.

Menu Highlights:
Matador Omelette, $9.00
Desoto Omelette price, $9.00
Thunderbird Scrambler price, $10.00

Monday through Friday, 6am - 2pm
Saturday & Sunday, 7am - 2pm
Evening Bar Hours for special events