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Da-Pressed Coffee Cart

50% off Da-Pressed Coffee Cart
The coffee cart that charms you, warms your heart, and takes care of your mind, body, and caffeinated soul.
Hot days are comin’, Portlanders, and you know what that means: iced coffees, lazily walking through farmer’s markets, and even a spontaneous hula-hooping session or two. Well guess what? We’ve got hula-hoops, we’ve got coffee, we even have those tasty vegan, raw-food balls with coconut and splendid fruits that are chewy and delicious. Wait: coffee, vegan super-food balls, and hula hoops? Where are these modern marvels, you ask? At DaPressed! The coffee cart that charms ya’, warms your heart, and takes care of your mind, body, and caffeinated soul.

Tasha and Evan began their maiden coffee voyage at a Moab music festival where they picked up fifteen pounds of beans on the way and sold French- pressed cups to friends and hung-over festival goers alike. With such plentiful success and demand for their cups, they left with a mission and a vision: DaPressed, festival coffee in a cart. Two years later, you can find them on Belmont slinging brew from their very own roast. But wait! Walking through the Montavilla or OHSU farmer’s market on a sunny afternoon with a hankering for raw food? There they are! Whip out your Scoutmob app and enjoy a fresh cup with the sunshine.

Menu Highlights:
Holy Kakow Mocha, 12 oz $3.50
French Press, 12 oz $2.50
Peacock Lane Smoothie, 16 oz $4.00
Green Ball! $1

Tuesday - Sunday, 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.