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El Metate

100% off El Metate
Scout Notes: El metate, besides being really fun to say, is an Aztec word for the stone tools use...
El metate, besides being really fun to say, is an Aztec word for the stone tools used to ground corn in to tortilla appropriate powder. Here at 22nd and Bryant, El Metate means delicious Mexican food brought all the way from the heart of Mexico by owner Francisco. As a child, he spend countless hours with his grandmother in her kitchen in Guanajuato, learning how to marinate chicken, fry pinto beans in whole black pepper and corn oil for an amazing flavor profile, and come up with a sauce he uses on his fish tacos that’s so secret, the only ingredient information he’s willing to give up is “spices.” The secret sauce is only part of what makes the fish tacos so memorable, though. Each piece of fish comes covered in a crispy batter that’s strictly breadcrumbs, no egg or flour. It’s an original recipe Francisco introduced about seven years ago, and continues to be on the top of everyone’s favorite list.

Also on that list is El Metate’s chicken burrito. There are many ways to make a chicken burrito, but the El Metate way involves juicy thigh meat, fried pinto beans and jasmine rice, which Francisco says is more flavorful than other rices. The heat level is left up to you, with a few sections of the walls devoted to a spicy rack, not a spice rack, filled with every taste bud riling hot sauce you can imagine.

Menu Highlights:
Chicken Burrito, $5.50 (free with deal!)
Fish Taco, $2.75
Quesadilla, $6
Torta, $6.25
Chicken Tortilla Soup (large), $5
Pork Tamale w/ chile verde sauce platter, $7.75

Daily, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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