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The Pastry Cupboard

50% off The Pastry Cupboard
If you really know what's good for you, you'll get in on the buttery, flaky, fresh-baked goodness that's The Pastry Cupboard's specialty.
There's something about oven-fresh baked goods that makes us all feel like kids again, kids who want to stuff their faces with buttery, flaky goodness and won't let anything stand in our way. Sadly, we're (mostly) grown-up now, so we sometimes feel we can enjoy pastries, pizza and desserts only in mature moderation. Stop right there! Here at Scoutmob, we believe you're never too old to indulge in the kind of high-quality deliciousness that Chona turns out of her Pastry Cupboard kitchen.

Chona's worked as a pastry chef in the highest echelons of SF restaurants, from Lulu and Lark Creek to the Slanted Door, so when she decided to start her own operation she already had years of experience in the pastry arts. After finding the right location on Franklin and Market, she and husband Sheldon totally revamped the interior, putting in everything from hardwood floors to walls and adding cheery touches like the fresh flowers she brings in from her garden. But the main attraction is the huge pastry case that houses everything from Chona's special blueberry buttermilk pie and chocolate mousse cake to every kind of breakfast pastry under the sun (try the pain perdu, a pastry-fied version of french toast). And it's not just sweet treats: Chona makes a daily whole wheat pizza special, plus grilled cheese on focaccia bread that's made in-house and housemade bagels shaped to perfection.

The super-friendly staff at The Pastry Cupboard make it their business to get to know you, and in the 8 months they've been open they've generated a loyal following of regulars who just can't say no to all that goodness. If you really know what's good for you, you'll join them.

Menu Highlights:
Chocolate mousse cake, $4.95/slice
Blueberry buttermilk pie, $4.95/slice
Grilled cheese focaccia, $4.95
Daily special pizza, $2.25/slice
Vegan berry bar, $2.95

Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 7pm
Thursday and Friday, 8am to 9pm
Saturday, 9am to 9pm
Closed Sunday

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