Here at Scoutmob, we are all for a no holds barred, unrestricted deal. And if anyone can spot a good deal, you know it’s us. Local quirky designers GAMA-GO are playing a little game of out with the old, in with the new by offloading winter tee designs at $20 per shirt. You too can be a winner with their World Series tee or show your love for one of breakfast’s most beloved dishes with their Bling Waffle print.

Although you can have your goods sent to you, save yourself a few bucks on shipping and check out all GAMA-GO’s other cool stuff by dropping by the store on 8th & Folsom. The sale goes until Monday, so get your little Mobster behind in there and stock up.

We’re diggin’ you GAMA-GO and your $20 t-shirt sale, because if there’s anything we love more than an awesome deal, it’s lookin’ good.