Give us your best witty caption to go with this extra curious pic on Twitter, or Facebook!

We'll post some our favorites to this here website.

As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"Man, this snow sucks! It's like I'm skiing on Sesame sleet!!"
– Roger Nance


"C is for Cowabunga, and that's good enough for me. Keep Tahoe blue."
@Jerry Hsu

"Damn it Grover, theres no f**king cookies up here!!!"
@Andrew Ghassemi

"Dude, it is so cold out here even my b@ll$ are blue!"
– Meghan Hill

"After 6 ignored friend requests on Facebook, cookie monster set out on a mission to befriend the abominable snowman in person."
– Philip Jordan

"Seriously man. A lot of cocaine.”
– Devin McGauley

"What are you looking at? At least MY pants aren't on the ground.”
– Steve Tyrrell

"C may be for ‘cookie,’ but it's more like ‘cold as F***.’"
– Cooper Dobbs van Rossum