If you’ve never heard of Fecal Face before, it’s not what you’re probably thinking it is. Although some of the work they feature might be a tad NSFW, there’s certainly nothing ahem crappy about the gallery. As Hi-Fructose Magazine’s Online Media Manager, Ken Harman explains, they’re making moves, and not just in the art world:

The art world, by nature, is one of constant change and evolution. Much as an artist’s body of work grows, expands and gets better (hopefully!), so to does the art scene, in fact, it’s a bit of symbiotic relationship. After three years of progressive art shows, Fecal Face Dot Gallery, the brick and mortar location for Fecalface.com is moving on up.

In transition as we speak, FFDG has found a new haunt, that of the former location of the other SF mainstay, the old Upper Playground gallery, Fifty24SF. Now situated at Haight and Fillmore in the dynamic Lower Haight neighborhood, FFDG will be continuing their programming (including the upcoming Josh Keyes show which we’re very excited to see) in a larger and better situated location. With this move, we hope to see the gallery, website and SF art scene in general grow in stride.