The San Francisco Zoo has seen a lot of action in the baby department lately. This past weekend, we checked out the new baby anteater, and if the glass window hadn’t been holding us back, we may have tried to kidnap him, he was so cute. Turns out the anteaters at the zoo don’t even eat ants, but instead enjoy a specially mixed mush the zookeepers feed to them. We're not sure if we could survive on mush, but then again, we're not anteaters.

According to SF Chron’s City Insider, the newest addition to the zoo’s baby roster is an unnamed seven-month-old koala who’s just about the size of a fist. Zoo staff is especially excited since it’ll be the first koala birth in over 10 years. The joey will make her public appearance sometime this week, depending on how she feels about the weather. She and mom will call the indoor section at the Koala Crossing exhibit home. When koalas aren’t munching eucalyptus leaves, they spend the other 18 to 20 hours of the day sleeping.

Baby koala, we’re digging you, because if we had the time to sleep 20 hours a day, we’d probably look so well rested, we’d rival you in cuteness.