Give us your best witty caption to go with this extra curious pic on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll post some our favorites to this here website.

As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"...and in that moment, Paulie knew he would grow up to be a fashion designer."
– Anne Chance


"With my heels plus my beehive I'm taller than you!"
– Becky Dyas

"And that's the way we became...the Baldwin bunch!"
– Jim Hoffmann

"Honey, where'd you hide the baby?"
– Ellisa Farias Cameron

"So That's where the tea cosy went..."
– Zina Alabbasi

"Marge, with the money spent on hair spray we could have gone to a professional photographer."
– Terry Joyner Ghee

"Against the advice of her doctor, Mother insisted on standing for every picture. Shortly after this shot, her beehive's water broke. Two weeks early."
– Dallas Howell

"Yes, that IS a gun in my pocket. Now smile damnit!"
– Michael Rock

"The Soprano's, circa 1965."
– Debra Rosumny Umberger

"Maybe if I make my hair really big no one will notice that I accidentally dyed all my sons shirts and ties yellow..."
– Sherry Chiang

"Martin was never truly aware that his son would grow up having tiger blood."
– Trip Barnes

"Little Molly never minded that her parents only wanted sons; she looked fabulous in a three piece suit, after all."
– Juliana Ramus

"Marge Simpson married Spock Elvis and gave birth to the Osmond's! Hey what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!"
– Tanya Dickson

"Johnny Cash, found. Stuck on drugs and in a bad dream."

"All dressed up and waiting for our Scoutmob deal; 40 years too early..."
– Scott Good

"This is the last photo we have of the Hills alive. We believe it was taken only a few hours after the giant-brained Psyorb killed Mrs. Hill and replaced her. As you can see, it already had control of her husband and oldest son. Little Dmitri was the only survivor."
– Liam Casey

"1967 and the Miller Clan wish you a joyous New Year."
– Karen Durrett

"......Oh, and this is a picture of all of us with "daddy" number 7. he only lasted 6 weeks because, as it turned out, he was deathly allergic to hairspray. R.I.P. Walt, thanks for always buying us beer and teaching us how to smoke."
– Gladys Hanna

"I'm putting the boys in Horizon Sunset that will go great with your white mock turtle."
– Alice Jankowski

"Christmas 1969: Uncle Mario stepped in for dad, who was visiting "Eastern Europe" for 6 to 9 months."
– Samantha Young

"Now we know where Jimmy Hoffa ended up! Mamma's do..."
– Lynn Hobbs

"Mom felt so bad about how people would stare at our ears so she tried to offset it with her big hair."
– Rachel Hamby Curran