It’s not mac and cheese we’re talkin’ here folks. As Local Scout Carina Ost tells us, it’s one restaurateur’s version of an iconic American meal with a healthy twist in honor of his wife and new baby:

Fortunately, I have never been pregnant but my taste-buds and cravings would tell you otherwise. I have been known to go from pickles to gummy candy to frozen grapes on many a nights. I love craving stories almost as much as I love insider restaurant stories and on a recent visit to my new favorite stomping ground, The Pub at Ghiradelli Square, I heard a story that combines both. I have become friends with the owner, Scott Broccoli, as I do some projects for him, and he told me this story:

Scott is a new first time father and when his wife was pregnant she was really craving a Big Mac. He worried for the love of his life and his unborn child and said, “You can’t eat that, you’ll kill our baby!” I am a huge Mickey D’s fan (nothing makes me happier than boot-shaped chicken nuggets in sweet and sour sauce) but I appreciated the sentiment. He attempted to create his own bigger, better, Big Mac that was healthier, because he knew exactly what was in it. His wife approved and he added it to The Pub menu. Now, it is the must-have item for pregnant women throughout San Francisco. He named it the P, for pregnant, Mac. I have only ever experienced food babies, but this burger satisfies my every craving. Also, their kitchen is open until 1:30 am, something all Baby Daddys –and all of my future boyfriends– need to know because I foresee this midnight craving. I first ordered it with salad to try to be “healthy” and within seconds I traded it in for french fries to get the full effect (you can also get it with tots!).

The end of January brought the birth of Scott’s first child as well as the P Mac. Along with the real life baby Lucca, came Lil Luccas: a twin slider version of the P Mac you’ll find among The Pub’s specials. I will admit it, I tried both, and I preferred these cute little babies. They were more manageable, I could hold one in each hand (double fisting, yo) and didn’t get as messy. In case you’ve been living under a rock since 1950: the Big Mac secret ingredient is Thousand Island dressing. I love the sauce at The Pub so much, I dipped my fries in the delectable sauce that oozed from my burger(s). The crunch of the pickles was so nice that I asked for an extra side of pickles. I’m not pregnant, but at The Pub I can eat like I am.

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